Shadow Fight Cheats

Last few weeks we have worked hard to improve our generators and hacks for facebook social games.Today we have released our new and improved Shadow Fight Cheat tool.Probably this is one of the most popular game on facebook since there is over 20 million players worldwide.We hope that the release of this hack tool our community twill become more popular.

This new Shadow Fight Hack doesn't requires additional tools (net framework,java...) which is the main feature.You will see that this version is stable and smooth even on low pc configuration.
Now you can add unlimited coins and rubies with one click or choose:
- God Mode
  - Speed Hack
 - DMG Hack

1.Download Shadow Fight Cheat
2.Extract it somewhere
3.Run it


What is Shadow Fight ? How to get free Shadow Fight Cheats ?
Shadow Fight computer game was released 1994 by Gremlin Interecative and become Amiga's number one game.Couple years later Nekki developer have built their game and become one of the most popular games on Facebook.

The game use arcade style similar to Mortal Kombat through 3 fighting rounds against all opponents to the main boss at the end.The main character of course if Shadow Fight and every character have special moves.You choose between  normal or hard difficulty setting.The game run 25 frames per second but with cheats you can made to run 50 fps.Through play you get bonuses for performing attacks and combos..You can control the game with joystick or keyboard.